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How It Works

Our certification process is quick and easy. First, add the certification you wish to pursue to your cart. Note that only our "Novice" certifications do not require a prior certification. In order to pursue a "Professional" or "Expert" certification, you must first complete the requisite certification(s).

Once you have selected the certification you wish to pursue, add an "Exam Appointment Booking" to your cart as well. After you check out, you'll be sent information on how to schedule your exam time. When you've selected an appointment time, a CAPCI representative will be in touch with the Google Meet information.

If you require any retakes, simply purchase another Exam Appointment Booking and follow the same process from there. From the day of your initial purchase, you have 90 days to achieve your certification before the attempt expires and you will be required to purchase a new certification attempt if you wish to continue pursuing the certification in question.